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How can you have a place called Three Blades without drinks inspired by boats and planes? Of course our waterfront locations feature boat drinks and our airport locations feature our aviation themed drinks. Of course you can order your favorites at both locations. Yes like all good boat drinks most of ours include rum. Captain and pirate alike, and traveled the seas with rum and the tradition continues here at Three Blades.

Inspired by Tiki’s and Teak:

  • Three Blades Mai Tai – We decided to to get into the fight with Don and Vic over who created the Mai Tai and just make a great version that we liked because we liked Don and Vics versions that much.
  • Midnight Rum Runner – a slightly darker take on the famous rum drink
  • Wobbly Pineapple – Our take on the PiƱa Colada. You know you love them, you just don’t like being seen drinking them so we made ours a little less embarrassing and a lot more fun.
  • Pirates Mojito – Just because smashing mint leaves is fun.
  • Fizzle my Swizzle – Our not so traditional version of the Rum Swizzle from the Swizzle Inn Bermuda.
  • Grounded Painkiller – We all need a little painkiller when we are grounded.
  • Three Blades Storm – A little Caribbean Storm and little Hurricane and you have the three blades storm
  • Volcano Days – The largest of our drinks, limit one, two if you have a sober first mate driving you home.
  • Dark and Stormy – A world favorite Rum Drink
  • Sailors Grog – No telling what is in any batch. You are on your own with this one.

Three Blades IconInspired by Polished Metal and Speed

  • JetSet Martini – Aviation Gin or Hanger One Vodka.
  • The Concorde Martini – A double Jet Set served in a short glass. Our nod to the fastest way to fly.
  • Sunset in Paradise – Because you can only get there on the same day in a jet.
  • Golden Sunrise – The best mornings start this way and now you can end the day with one.
  • Smooth Landing – When the day is done and you want something easy and smooth to finish it off, this is your drink – Pineapple Juice and Rum with our secret spices.
  • Captain Billy Says – So good anyone will listen to him pontificate those long boring PA’s.
  • The Check Ride – Our N.A. fun drink with a little kick, because you can’t imbibe and fly doesn’t mean you can’t have a good drink.

Inspired By World Travels

  • The Aperol Spritz– An Italian Favorite.
  • The St. Germain Spritz – A French Favorite
  • The Rising Sun – Sparkling Sake direct from Japan.
  • The Apres’ Ski – Our special version of Hot buttered Rum guaranteed to break any chill in the alps
  • The English Muddle – Spiced wine recipe from the heart of the UK.
  • The Queens Martini – Rumored to be Queen Elizabeths II’s favorite Cocktail. (We aren’t sure, though, she hasn’t invited us)