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Three Blades was created with the idea that beer isn’t just about drinking beer any more than wine is just about drinking wine.  Boats and Planes takes us from where we are to our next great adventure.  That journey, the adventure and the return create an experience we can keep forever.  For many, those journey’s and adventures include, great company, great environment and a great beer or wine.  Sometimes the company and environment can make an average beer great, or a mediocre wine spectacular.

Beer and Wine are are then simply part of that memorable experience.  A great pint of beer or a great glass of wine can transport us to an entirely different place and time.  When you put those two things into an environment of their own, we are not only bringing back those great memories for many, but creating new ones for some who haven’t made them yet.

Our Signature “Three Blades Pizza” is where it all started.

Three Blades, Great Locations, Great Beer, Great Wine & Unique Foods for people that are their own captain on the water or in the skies.