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Three Blades

Creating food that takes us on a journey, a place we once loved, a home we once felt comfortable in.  Travel is a big part of the human experience.  Bringing the feeling of travel and bringing it together with foods we love is what Three Blades is about.


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Our Story

Three Blades

Three Blades was inspired by a dinner of home made pizza and home brewed beer.  The idea that beer isn’t just about drinking beer any more than wine is just about drinking wine or food is about eating food hit our founder like a flying fish.

Boats and Planes take us from where we are to our next great adventure.  Great planes and great boats that have the style to capture our imagination have three bladed props. The right foods can take us on a journey through our memories too.  That is where the name comes from and the journey starts.

That journey, the adventure and the return create an experience we can keep forever.  For many, those journey’s and adventures include, great company, great environment and a great beer or wine.  Sometimes the company and environment can make an average beer great, or a mediocre wine spectacular.

Three Blades Pizza in Oven

The Food, Beer and Wine become part of that memorable experience.  A great pizza, sandwich, pint of beer or a great glass of wine can transport us to an entirely different place and time.  When you put those things into an environment of their own, we are not only bringing back those great memories for many, but creating new ones for some who haven’t made them yet.

Three Blades, Great Locations, Great Food, Beer, Wine & Unique Cocktails.


Three Blades Mushroom

A signature Pizza that combines the traditional neoplaitan style by using Buffalo Mozzarella and a bit of the French culinary with portobello mushrooms.


Le Marseille

A traditional French style pizza from the shores of Marseille.  Topped with Emental cheese, anchovies and fresh herbs to calm the anchovies, this is one pizza to remember.


The Flying Pear

Created in house using only fresh pears, the Flying Pear has buffalo Mozzarella and Prucioutto for a traditional italian start and is finished with emental cheese and pear adding the French twist.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

When you mix the right ingredients, you get a great pizza, like the first pizza you ever had all over again.


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Ok they need a lot more space, the owner said he is looking for investors. “

Stuart M.

“Another successful experience”

When Scott said he was going to make pizza, I asked why?  I knew that he lost ihis first job ever at a pizza place.  I am glad he didn’t give up.

Craig R.


I forgot how good pizza could be.  Getting to cut your own slices at the table with scissors makes so much more sense too.”

Jen S. – Parent


It all started with being let go from his first job at a pizza place many years ago. After touring the globe, the Captain woke up one day and decided that he was going to learn, nay master pizza. Since then he has with the pizzas that are the signature “Three Blades” Pizzas.


With wheat, water and yeast in the kitchen it seamed pretty obvious that it was time to find some hops and make beer while the pizza dough was rising. The Captain wanted fresh clean, classic beers to go with his pizza’s. Over time several new classic flavors were perfected.


After years of perfecting his beer and pizza, the Captain tried to make wine. By the Captains own admission, the wine was only good as a marinade for his famous tri-tip. Our wine selection isn’t brought to us by wine buyers, we go find the wine we want to enjoy and hope you will too.

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